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    英文书信通常由七个部分组成。它们是:信头(Heading)、信内地址(Inside Address)、称呼(Salutation),正文(Body of Letter)、结束语(:Complimentary)、签名(Signature)、附言(Postscript)


    对不相识的男子,单数常用Sir,Dear Sir或My Dear Sir(比Dear Sir更客气);复数常用Dear Sirs或(Gentlemen。对不相识的女子,单数常用Madam或My Dear Madam;复数常用Mesdames或My Dear Mesdames。或简单地写为To Whom It May Concern(负责人,即有关人士)即可。

    * 对比较熟识的男子,普遍称Dear Mr….即可。对比较熟识的女子,普遍称Dear Mrs.(或:Miss.)...即可。

    * 熟人和亲属之间通信,可用下列称呼(按亲密程度递增的顺序排列):Dear David.Dearest David;My dearest David;My dearest;Darling David;My darling;My very own darling等。

    * 有头衔的可以把头衔放在名称前,如Pro)f.Nickerson,Dr. Liu,Gen.Chang等。

    信的正文(Body of Letter)






    * 给机关团体或不相识的人可用:Yours truly或Truly yours,

    Yours faithfully或Faithfully yours,Yours sincerely或Sincerely yours;

    * 给上级或长者的信可用:Yours respectfully或Respectfully yours, Yours obediently或Obediently yours, Yours gratefully或Gratefully yours;

    * 给一般熟人或朋友的信可用:Yours, Ever yours, Yours as ever或Yours sincerely; * 给亲属或者挚友的信可用:Yours affectionately或Affectionately yours, Lovingly yours或Yours lovingly, Yours loving son (child, sister, nephew, niece, father, mother, husband…)或Yours devoted friend;







    1. 很抱歉打扰您,但我必须郑重提出投诉。

    I am sorry to trouble you but I am afraid than I have to make a serious complaint. 2

    2. 我很遗憾地告诉你投诉有关……的事由。

    I am sorry to tell you that there should be cause to complain about…

    3. 我真的讨厌抱怨,但最近有一件事情确实令人烦心。

    I really hate to complain,but one thing is really disturbing now.





    1. 噪音影响我的睡眠,使得我在上班时间无法集中精力。结果这些天我已经搞错了好几次。

    The noise disturbs my sleep so that I can’t concentrate on my work during the work time, and as a result, I have made several mistakes these days.

    2. 在这样(嘈杂)的环境下我无法进行研究,我需要一间安静的房间。

    For me tiffs environment is very difficult to make studies and I need a quiet room. 第四部分:提出批评及处理的意见或敦促对方采取措施


    1. 我认为是你认识到……的时候了。

    I think it’s high time that you realized…

    2. 我们深知你们并不经常出错,但我们希望能确保这类差错不再发生。

    We know that you are not generally careless,but we would like your assurance that this will not happen again.

    3. 我必须正告贵方,除非对目前状况采取措施,否则我将被迫诉诸法律。

    I must warn you that unless you do something about the situation, I will be forced to take legal action。

    4. 坦率地说,我不再准备忍受这种状况。

    Frankly, I am not prepared to put up with the situation any more.

    5. 如果您能尽快调查此事,我将不胜感激。期待您尽快回复。

    I would be very grateful if you could look into the matter as soon as possible. And I am looking forward to an early reply。


    Write a letter according to the situation below:

    You bought a walkman in a store recently. But when you came back to school, you found that there was something wrong with it. Write to the manager of the store. Ask him to replace the walkman or refund your money.

    You should write about 150(本文来自:WWw.HNboxU.com 博 旭 范文 网:英语六级作文书信格式) words on ANSWER SHEET 2. Do not sign your own name at the end of the letter. Use "Li Ming" instead. You do not need to write the address.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am sorry to tell you that there should be cause to complain about the SONY walkman I have bought from your shop recently. Your sales assistant told me that I needn't question about its quality because SONY is a famous international brand. After I came back to 3

    school and tried to enjoy my favorite music by using the looking-good walkman, I couldn't hear anything through its earphones. I borrowed earphones from my classmate and this time I heard the sound very clearly. So I think there must be something wrong with the earphones. This is rather annoying to me.

    As a student, I must improve my English as quickly as possible. That's the main reason why I bought the walkman. But unable to use it, now I cannot study according to the schedule.

    What you choose to do with this piece of information is entirely up to you.

    I am looking forward to your early reply. Otherwise, I would ask you to give me a refund, or I would complain to the Consumers' Association.

    Yours sincerely,

    Li Ming



    1. 我是……,暑期计划到贵校学习。

    I am a … and planning to study in your university this summer.

    2. 我是一名中国学生,想到贵校学习。我计划下个学期开始上课,如果您能告知一些必要的信息,我将不胜感激。

    I am a Chinese student who wishes to study at your university. My plan is start my course from the next term, and I would be grateful if it’s so kind of you to give me some essential information.

    3. 我写信是要询问……。

    I’m writing to ask if …




    1. 我获得……高校的……学士学位。毕业后便开始在……工作。

    I received a Bachelor of...degree in….After graduation,I began working....

    2. 是我的朋友建议我写这封信的。他去年毕业于贵校,热情地向我推荐贵校。I am writing at the suggestion of a friend who graduated from your university last year and has warmly recommended it to me.

    3. 我已经取得了生物学学士学位,并希望能在贵校继续学习。

    I have had a bachelor’s degree in biology and wish to continue my study at your university.



    1. 您能向我介绍一下贵校的……情况吗?

    Could you please tell me something about your...?

    2. 能否寄给我一份申请表及与申请有关的其他必要的材料?

    Would you please send me an application form and other materials necessary for my application?

    3. 您能尽快告知这些信息并邮寄给我相关表格吗?非常感谢!

    Would you please send me all the information and the forms as soon as possible? Thank you very much.

    4. 如果你能告知我那些必须经过的程序,我将不胜感激。

    I would be much obliged to you if you let me know the procedures I have to go through.



    1. 很抱歉打扰您,对您的友善帮助不胜感激。

    Sorry to bother you, your kind help would be greatly appreciated.

    2. 如果您能回复,我将感激不尽。

    I will appreciate it very much if you can give me a reply.


    Write a letter of inquiry according to the situation below:

    You are planning to go to the university for your further study. You'd like to know something about there, such as the fees, accommodations and qualifications etc.

    You should write about 150 words on ANSWER SHEET 2. Do not sign your own name at the end of the letter. Use "Li Ming" instead. You do .not need to write the address.

    Jan. 5, 2004

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am a graduate from Peking University, China and planning to study in your university this summer. So I am writing to ask for some necessary information.

    I received a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from Peking 5


    A letter of invitation



    Dear Professor Smith,

    Haven’t seen you for long. We heard that recently you would have a lecturing tour in Chinese universities covering a lot of cities including ours. We are writing this letter to inquire the possibility of inviting you to deliver a lecture on “Contemporary Pop Culture in America” for our postgraduate students on December 18. If this topic does not suit you, we are glad to accept any similar topic.

    It is well acknowledged that you are a celebrated scholar in this particular field, as seen in your classical academic papers and books. Specially, our students have been using your books as textbooks for a couple of years. So we all believe that we can benefit from your knowledge and wisdom.

    Whether you can or can’t make it, please let us know.

    We are looking forward to your coming.

    Yours truly,



    本篇是应用文写作作文。写这类作文时我们要了解各类应用文的具体特点、格式和写法。这篇是一封邀请函。邀请函一般分为正式的请柬和非正式的信函两种。请柬格式固定,习惯用第三人称,必须写明事由、时间、地址、邀请人和被邀请人。邀请信函和普通书信格式相同,不如请柬正规和庄重,但措辞要委婉诚恳。首段说明与收信人的相关性与写作意图;主体段说明邀请别人来做什么,并交代具体时间和地点;结尾段表示期待回复。词汇:have a lecturing tour意为“巡回讲座”;benefit from意为“从??受益”。





    1:The time flies, we haven’t seen each other for a long time. All the things here are going on pretty well, I just miss you so much!


    2:It is so great to hear from you again. 能再次收到你的来信我很开心。

    3:Long time no see! 好久不见。

    4:I trust that everything is going smoothly for you.


    5:It is a great pleasure for me to have this wonderful chance to put pen to paper and send greetings to you.



    Give advice:

    In my humble opinion, you would be wise to take the following action:


    I hope you will not find it too forward for me to suggest that you…


    In my experience, it seems that _______ would make sense in your situation.


    At the risk of overstepping my boundaries, allow me to suggest that you____。




    I am grateful to you for…


    I appreciate it more than I can say.


    I can never thank you enough.


    I wish there were a better word than “ thanks “ to express my appreciation for your generous help.


    It was kind and generous of you to do this for me, and I appreciate it more than I can say.


    Many thanks for your kindness and hospitality.


    Now we have arrived back home safe and sound.


    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for…




    Please accept my sincerest and deepest apology.


    I apologize most sincerely for…



    From my point of view, it is more reasonable to support the first opinion rather than the second.


    I cannot entirely agree with the idea that…


    Personally, I am standing on the side of …


    I sincerely believe that… 我真诚地相信…

    In my opinion, it is more advisable to do … than to do….


    Finally, to speak frankly, there is also a more practical reason why…



    This phenomenon exists for a number of reasons. First, … Second, … Third, …

    这一现象的存在是有许多原因的.首先, … 第二, … 第三, …

    Why did… ? For one thing… For another…. Perhaps the primary reason is…

    为什么会…? 一个原因是… 令一个原因是…或许其主要原因是….

    I quite agree with the statement that… the reasons are chiefly as follows.



    Here are some suggestions for handling…


    The best way to solve the troubles is…


    People have figured out many ways to solve this problem.



    As far as something is concerned… 就某事而言,…

    It was obvious that… 很显然…

    It may be true that… but it doesn’t mean that… 可能…是对的,但这并不意味着…

    It is natural to believe that…, but we shouldn’t ignore that… 认为….是很自然的,但我们不应忽视….

    There is no evidence to suggest that… 没有证据表明…


    I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with\at…


    I very much regret to have to inform you that…


    I would like to draw the attention of the authorities concerned to the …


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